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March 13, 2012
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King's Pride App 2.0 by Nacome King's Pride App 2.0 by Nacome
New application for :iconpmd-explorers: | Blank copy

Check these kids out on TUMBLR!

LATEST UPDATE: Added lots of inventory

Age: Pre-adolescent
Height: 2'05" (At top of head)
Distinguishing Features: Lacks dark spots, has a large horn, is a runt
Bio: Lear hails from the town of Beryl Hollow where his family holds prominent status. Knowing he'd never gain the life experience his father had, he and Sirene (his childhood friend) decided to come to Tao to become rescuers. By following in his father's footsteps, he hopes to make the man proud.
His status was hidden for a long time before Lear finally told their closest friends. Some were skeptical, but overall they seemed to accept him just the same as before.
Since evolution, Lear has become considerably more irritable, though is still as kind as he's always been.

Age: Pre-adolescent
Height: 1'4" (At top of head)
Distinguishing Features: Smaller mane than most Eevee, tail is more white than brown
Bio: While Sirene was not born in Beryl Hollow, that is where she grew up most of her life. The residents of the town are rather strict in their views on family and Sirene's parents did not fit those standards with their young ages. As a result, they were a bit shunned and were forced to find a home on the outskirts of town. The gatekeeper, Borachio, kept an eye on them and made sure they had everything they needed to live.
Sirene's sheltered life gave her an odd view of the world and she is bound and determined to do things her own way.
She is excellent at determining the gender of Pokémon despite appearances because her parents look gender-swapped themselves.
Special Inventory: Sirene got some Throat Spray from a Castle Draclugia resident. It bestows Sing.

Age: Young Teen
Height: 2'
Distinguishing Features: Darker blue than most Meditite. And while she was on the skinny side when she first arrived, she seems to have bulked up during her months here.
Bio: The newest member of King's Pride, Lorrin is a spunky little thing. She loves a good time and is very fickle about who she'll listen to when told to do something. (Luckily for Lear, she seems inclined to listen to what he and Sirene have to say.) Despite her fun-loving nature, she has a very strict morning routine for her daily meditation.
She hails from Mossy Village and from there, ran away to Snowy Village. After seeing Sirene and Lear in action, she decided to come to Tao for some adventure.
While usually very hesitant to discuss her past in Mossy, she has revealed that she was raised by a Furret named Willis. She also lived with a Kirlia-now-Gallade, Jericho. She doesn't seem to like the later much.
Special Inventory: While cleaning the Castle Draclugia storage room, Lorrin found a Qwil Flail that uses either Flail or Poison Sting. Sirene named it Cobalt as all great weapons need a name. (I am fairly certain the Poison Sting aspect will never be used)

The Story so Far...

Arc 1
Mission 1
Guild Appreciation Day
Making Friends
Mission 2 | Sirene's New Accessory
Fireworks Bonanza
Mission 3
Helping with Pride (by =Aredubsi) | A Father's Blessing
Doctor's Orders
Mission 4
In Hearts, In Souls, In Minds (by *LynionPoe)
The Most Lethal Toxin
Fun Times in Shiver City (Collab with *LynionPoe) | My Copy
Mission 5

Arc 2
The Ties That Bind
Words of the Heart | Mission 6 (Collab with =Aredubsi)
Stepping Stone | Breaking Boundaries (In which Lear evolves)
New Life/Temporal Terraforming
Tick Tock/Temporal Terror Forming (Collab with *LynionPoe)
Mission 7 | Blast to the Past
Thinking of You (Event 7)
Ghosts of the Past (Collab with *LynionPoe) | Gnasher's Assistant
Growing Concern
Castle Hijinks (March Tasks)
Special Delivery
Just Dig (May Task)

Burdens: The Beryl Hollow Story

Friends of King's Pride
=Aredubsi's Team Bayou AND Team Brodacious | *LynionPoe's Team Rush

Nidorino, Eevee and Meditite © Nintendo
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